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BMW E36 Convertible Interior Restore/Clean

January 2023

We have recently completed this project for a local client here in Marbella.

  • Partial replacement leather on seats
  • Repainting of leather seats and various trim
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Deep detailing on the dashboard and trim

Repainting leather saves a lot of money on upholstery and with almost the same result.

Leather is a very durable material and can be repainted, but has to be done properly.

We only use the best paint when resprying seats and use COLOURLOCKĀ® which is. aleader in the insudtry.


Drivers Seat

The driver’s side seat, as usual, was very worn and torn and we needed to replace the leather on that side and repair parts of the seat with some filler. Then we will paint the seats matching the original color of the seats.

In theory, you can fill seat burns and scars with filler but it’s not the best way and in most cases is a temporary fix, especially on the driver’s side where they are getting in and out of the car, possibly multiple times every day. With filler, this will eventually wear down and start cracking, but with new leather, it can be nourished and provides good strength and longevity.


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