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Premium Car Detailing, Car Polishing and Ceramic Coatings Services in Marbella, Spain.

We speak the following languages


We speak the following languages

The Premium Detail by In Detail Garage

No rush, satisfaction guaranteed, high quality premium detailing in Marbella

This is the high-end exterior and interior deep clean detailing package for those that appreciate the attention to detail.

premium detailing in marbella

Why our Premium Car Detailing Package

Your Car is King

When we detail your car, it will be treated like royalty and receive the best possible care and attention.

We Don't Rush Things

We don’t cram as many jobs as we can in a day and cut corners, we are careful and spend as much time as possible on your vehicle.

We Use Quality Products and Tools

We don’t find the cheapest chemicals which can often damage your car and we use the best tools. We use high-quality products from Flex, Karscher, Sonax, Chemical Guys and Geon.

What’s Included in the Premium Detail Service?

No car leaves our studio dirty and we cover everything from top to bottom using professional products, and professional tools in a nice, safe environment.


Iron removal treatment


Foam bath


Steam clean interior


Condition leather seats


Exterior Hand wash


Interior vacuum


Deep clean wheels


Floor mat cleaning


2 bucket system


Clean wheel arches


Clean door jams


Exhaust tip clean


Clay bar treatment


Clean windows


Ceramic Spray


Tyres conditioned

Premium Car Detailing Prices

Our premium detailing prices are based on what’s known as “on condition” which means that your car should be in “reasonable condition when you bring it in.

If your car is in very bad shape and we feel it needs extra time to clean/detail it, then we will advise you when we pre-inspect the car.

Our turnaround time for a premium detail can be between 1-3 days depending on the size of the vehicle.

We dont rush things, we take our time to make sure everything is done to the highest standard possible.

*We will coat your car with a spray ceramic coating which provides ceramic protection and high candy like gloss for appx 6 months. If you want a 1-3 years ceramic coating we can provide it as an addon upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Premium Detail

Feel free to review our faq, however, if you have any questions not covered then free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Does the Premium detail include a ceramic coating?

Yes, after we have clayed your car we will apply a spray ceramic coating (on the paint and windows), which will last around 6 months making maintenance washes much easier and providing a great gloss to your car.

Types of ceramic coatings

6-month coating (included in this package)
1-year coating
3-year coating
5-year coating

The 6-month coating consists of a hydro ceramic spray which provides a very high gloss factor and moderate protection. This type of coating allows you to do easier maintenance washes instead of getting a full detail each time you need your car cleaned.

With a spray coating, you can spray the car down with a jet washer and then dry the car with a car drying towel or air (for example blower or quick blast down the motorway).

Does the Premium detail include paint correction?

Paint correction is a different level of detail and is an add-on service. Usually, paint correction is performed when the paint is badly swirled and has lots of scratches and you will be doing a 1-10 year ceramic coating.

However, using the clay bar, which is included in this package can remove a lot of visible issues, not all, but it does a good job.

We recommend you have a clay bar done first and then if needed paint correction.

Paint correction is usually the last resort.

Do you provide a courtesy car whilst my car is in the detailing studio?

At this time, we don’t have access to a courtesy car but we will in the near future as an add-on.

Our studio though is conveniently located in the centre of Marbella and Uber and Taxi access are abundant.

Motorway access is closeby for east and west Marbella.

Are you insured? What if you tear a seat or break something on my car?

Yes. We have accident and damage insurance coverage through REALE.ES which is a prominent insurance company.

In the unlikely event that we cause damage or breakage to your car, then any claims will go through the insurance company.

Can you come and collect my car from my location?

Currently no. You will need to arrange to bring your car to our studio at the allotted time.

Why can we not collect your car from your location?
There are logistical and insurance implications for this. Although we are registered as a garage, our insurance coverage does not cover outside our studio.

Do I need to remove items from my car before the detail?

We advise clients to remove everything from their car prior to the detail, for example, the glovebox, centre console, door storage and boot.

This allows us quicker and easier access to clean because trying to clean a car that has items in the way is difficult.

However, when we start the detail, if there are items within the car which we feel will be in our way, we will remove them and place them in a container split into sections.

When you collect the car, we will provide you with the box so you can put them back in place.

Can you do the Premium detail at my location? ie a mobile detail?

We do not currently provide a mobile detailing service and all details are performed in our detailing studio.

Why not mobile?
We use a lot of specialised chemicals and tools which are very cumbersome to cart about in a van so our studio environment allows us better and more efficient access to the tools etc providing a far better experience for us and your car.