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Ceramic Coatings by In Detail Garage

High gloss + showroom finish  + paint protection

If you are seeking a long-lasting and effective solution to protect the paint of your car while enhancing its appearance, a ceramic coating is the ideal choice. With its high gloss finish and superior durability, a ceramic coating acts as a barrier against various external elements, such as UV rays, dirt, and water spots, preventing them from causing damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. Additionally, a ceramic coating significantly reduces the need for frequent maintenance washes, as its hydrophobic properties make it easier to clean and results in using less water and maintain the pristine condition of your car. By opting for a ceramic coating, you can ensure that your car maintains its showroom-like finish for an extended period, ultimately enhancing its resale value and providing you with a satisfying ownership experience.

Before you go on though, ask yourself, is a ceramic coating really for me?
Watch this video from Chicago Auto Pros to decide whether a ceramic coating is for you.

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What are the Benefits of a Ceramic coating?

ceramic coating paint protection

Protects Your Paint for up to 5 years

Ceramic coating provides a strong, protective surface on your car’s body that works to block all foreign matter from causing damage to your car.

A coating lasts longer than other paint protection methods

Lasts Longer Than Other Paint Protection Methods

Traditional paint coatings such as wax wear off much faster than ceramic coatings. When you choose a coating from In Detail Garage, you can expect it to last for years

keep your car cleaner with ceramic paint protection

Keeps Your Car Cleaner

With the hard surface that ceramic coating provides, any dirt or debris just rolls off the surface, rather than getting stuck within the tiny pockets of your vehicle’s body. 

sonax profiline looks great on your car

Looks Great!

With ceramic coating, not only is your vehicle’s surface protected, but the fresh coating leaves a beautiful, candy-like gloss for all to admire.

What’s Included in our Ceramic Coating Service?

It’s important to us that your coating adheres in the best possible way so we will prepare the paintwork by giving it a full exterior wash and detox, clay bar, the apply your coating.


Foam Wash


Stage 1 Polish


Hand Wash


ISO Wipedown


Iron Decon


Ceramic Basecoat


Clay bar treatment


Ceramic Gloss Coat

It’s important to note, that when you bring your car for a ceramic coating, the paint should be in good condition. When we go through the preparation process, we will do a basic stage 1 correction to resolve any minor holograms and clay bar residues, but if your paint has chips, deeper scratches, then addition work is needed.

ceramic coatings in marbella

Choose Your Level of Ceramic Coating Protection

Prices below assume your car is swirl/scratch free and the paint is in good condition and requires minimal correction.

WE DO NOT advise applying 1-5 year ceramic to a car that has poor paint condition.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Ceramic Coating Services

Feel free to review our faq, however, if you have any questions not covered then free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Ceramic Coating
Whats the difference between Spray and Glass Ceramic Coatings?

What’s the Difference Between Spray and Glass Ceramic Coatings?

Q: What are Spray Coatings?

A: Spray coatings are a type of vehicle protectant that is applied in a spray form. They are known for their ease of application, as they can be simply sprayed onto the surface of the car and then wiped off. Spray coatings typically offer a temporary protective layer against dirt, water, and UV rays. They are ideal for those who seek a quick and easy way to add some protection and shine to their vehicle without the commitment or cost of more permanent solutions.

Q: What are Glass Ceramic Coatings?

A: Glass ceramic coatings, often referred to as ceramic coatings, are high-end protective finishes for vehicles. These coatings are made from a chemical polymer solution that bonds with the paint of the car, creating a long-lasting, durable layer of protection. Ceramic coatings are highly effective in protecting the car’s paint from various elements like UV rays, chemical stains, and etching. They also provide a deep, glossy finish to the vehicle’s exterior. However, the application of ceramic coatings is more complex and time-consuming than spray coatings, typically requiring professional application.

Q: What’s the Key Difference in Protection Level?

A: The primary difference lies in the level of protection and durability. Spray coatings offer a basic level of protection and typically last a few weeks to a few months. In contrast, glass ceramic coatings provide a much more durable barrier, lasting anywhere from two to five years, depending on the product and maintenance.

Q: Is There a Difference in Application Process?

A: Yes, the application process differs significantly. Spray coatings can be applied by virtually anyone and do not require special tools or skills. On the other hand, glass ceramic coatings often require professional application due to the need for a clean, controlled environment and the precision required in the application process.

Q: How Do Maintenance Requirements Differ?

A: Maintenance of spray coatings is relatively straightforward and involves regular washing and reapplication as the coating wears off. Ceramic coatings, while requiring less frequent reapplication, need specific cleaning agents and methods to maintain their protective qualities and gloss. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care to ensure the longevity of the coating.

Q: What About Cost Comparison?

A: Spray coatings are generally more affordable than ceramic coatings. The cost of ceramic coatings reflects their longer lifespan, better protection, and the professional application required. Spray coatings offer a budget-friendly alternative for those seeking basic protection without a significant investment.

How long do you need my car when doing a ceramic?

Glass Ceramics require at least 24 hours curing so when applied it must not get wet during the curing period.

Spray ceramic, on the other hand, needs no curing so can be turned around very quickly.

Let’s assume the day mentioned below is Monday.

8-HOUR TURNAROUND: Bring your car at 10 am, and pick up at 4 pm (same day).

24/48 HOUR TURNAROUND: Bring your car at 10 AM on Monday, and collect the car on Wednesday after 2 pm.

72-HOUR TURNAROUND: Bring your car at 10 am on day 1 (Monday) and collect your car on Thursday after 2pm.

NOTE: turnaround times for ceramic coatings can depend on how good your paint is initially. The turnaround times noted above are for paint that’s in pristine condition.

What is your process for applying ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coatings require that the surface of the paint be completely free of any dirt, iron residue, waxes or previous coatings.

This is our preparation process:

Step 1 – Strip Wash
– Softly rinse down the car (black nozzle)
– Foam wash using foam cannon
– Remove foam using foam cannon (green nozzle)
– Two bucket wash by hand
– Softly rinse down the car (black nozzle)
– Iron decontamination using iron removal spray
– Softly rinse down the car (black nozzle)
– Dry car using air blowers and large sfot drying towels

Step 2 – Clay Bar
– Use clay by hand to remove any decontaminants from the car surface

Step 3 – Inspection
– Inspect the car for any defects like chips, scratches
– Assess paint depth using the paint depth tool

Step 4 – Compound Polish
– Using a soft polisher and fine commercial compound we polish the whole vehicle
– Wipe down the whole car with chemicals to remove any compound residue.

Step 5 – Apply Ceramic Coating
– Wipe the car down with the provided surface cleaning chemical to completely make sure the car is free of anything before applying the base coat
– Apply the base coat
– Apply the ceramic coating
– Apply the gloss coat

Step 6 – Let cure for 24 Hours
– We leave the car sitting in the garage and allow the ceramic coating to cure.


Which brand of Ceramic Coating do you use?

There are many different types of ceramic coatings on the market.

We have had great success with the german brand Sonax.

Our preferred ceramic coating with Sonax is: SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC Evo.

This provides a minimum 1-year protection and can last up to 3 years if the coating is looked after properly.

What if my car paint is quite bad?

The ideal situation for applying a ceramic coating is that the paint should be near perfect.

If your car paint is in bad/poor condition then it will require a “paint correction” which can involve several passes by a polisher.

Corrections are not included in our ceramic prices and can be ordered separately,

What if my car has some chips/scratches?

Usually, we can fix the smaller chips and minor scuffs/scratches.

When fixing chips we will source the original OEM paint from your car’s make and model from the manufacturer.

If you have deep scratches and large chips, we will assess them at the time and provide a quotation if neccessary.